As most of us know, the blog (from ‘web log’) is an original Internet format, a type of website that takes advantage of essential web elements like hyperlinks to connect content, and multimedia integration (including still and moving image and sound) to present it, and gets periodical updates (i.e. a continuing resource), with the content […]

In the research-lite spirit that characterises this column, I have amalgamated the notes from two or three recent central European trips and used them as a prompt to explore some useful online Polish and Hungarian art resources. The two countries share many things in common, including local pre-war Modernist traditions, fascinating 60s and 70s neo-avantgarde […]

A number of new online resources for both still and moving images have appeared in the last few months, presenting a common characteristic: the ambition to make available within a single interactive environment vast collections that aggregate or build on previous digitisation projects.   Still image collections Many large public collections have been digitised and […]

ARLIS News-sheet, and the Art Libraries Journal, are, of course, packed with excellent reviews of new books, catalogues, artists’ books, etc., but are not the only source of quality reviews for art and architecture publications (and currently are available in print only). A wide range of online resources offering reviews and curated lists are useful […]

Video didn’t kill the radio star, and the Internet has allowed it to develop and renew. Radio broadcasting online is now common, and on demand listening (including podcasting) ubiquitous. Online archives make available new and historical sound recordings as digital files which can easily and conveniently be listened to via a computer or a range […]

Continuing with the theme of our last issue, this is a review of recent projects involving archives and special collections, connected by an emphasis on public presentation and display through the use of online digital media.   Curating archives Over the last few years, a growing effort to increase access to visual arts archives and […]

In this first column of 2011, which seems set to be a challenging year for all of us, I would like to try and spread some cheer by reviewing a number of new or recent projects that highlight the central position of libraries in general, and special collections and archives in particular, within the production […]