After some 4 and a half years and 27 issues (March/April 2010 to July/August 2014), this is my last Resources: Online column. It has been a pleasure, and a privilege, to review developments in this rapidly evolving landscape, from the expansion of e-thesis and e-books, to the consolidation of commercial databases, the ever-changing landscape of […]

As use of media on physical formats decreases, replaced by online media, with many libraries re-assessing their collections in disc and tape form, we have a look at video databases and streaming in learning and teaching. Earlier this year, the BUFVC launched an upgraded version of Bob (Box of Broadcasts) National, its subscription database of […]

Chinese art A-Z The current issue of the Art Libraries Journal (vol. 39, no. 2) is dedicated to the documentation of Chinese art (see TOC on page 2). To celebrate this ground-breaking collection of new articles, we highlight a broad selection of online resources, from traditional painting, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics and other decorative arts to […]

e-books e-books (or eBooks, for electronic books, also referred to as digital books) are defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.’ ( There are, of course, many e-books without a printed counterpart, and the Oxford Companion […]

A historical artistic centre, Amsterdam is home to a range of institutions of international significance, from the Stedelijk to Manifesta, not to mention the newly refurbished Rijksmuseum, reopened to general acclaim earlier this year after a 10 year renovation. The Stedelijk, one of the major museums in the world dedicated to modern and contemporary art, […]

Non-published research data and datasets have become a major area of interest in recent times, with research funding bodies (UK research councils, EU, British Academy, Wellcome Trust, etc.) requiring researchers and their institutions to manage this vast amount of primarily digital material, and make it as openly available to other researchers as possible. The JISC-funded […]

Continuing the series exploring useful online art resources relating to places, in this issue we look at the fascinating and ever changing city of Berlin. Nearly a quarter of a century after reunification, Berlin is home to an extraordinary range of art museums, excellent bookshops, an evolving array of commercial galleries, private foundations and artist-run […]